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Navegg and Smart AdServer partnership

Paris, July, 3th 2014, Navegg and Smart AdServer have announced a technology partnership providing publishers with a comprehensive solution for targeting online campaigns.

Navegg, a leading company in Latin America dedicated to online audience segmentation through the analysis of browsing behavior and Smart AdServer, a premium ad serving company with more than 400 clients on four continents, became official partners. Smart AdServer clients can now easily use the audience segments provided by Navegg like social-demographic, Internet purchases and interest content to target their online campaigns.

Publishers can create audience segments based on the behavior the visitors had in their websites and all Navegg partners’ sites. This integration between Navegg and Smart AdServer allows publishers to target online campaigns to the right audience and as a consequence, to optimize their inventory and increase their revenue.

About Smart AdServer (

Created in 2001, Smart AdServer is a premium, integrated ad serving and RTB advertising platform. It allows publishers to monetize all digitals channels, online, mobile and video. Thanks to its innovative technology and integrated, high quality service, Smart AdServer has already developed a loyal client base of over 400 users, located across 5 continents. It operates 10 offices worldwide covering Europe, North America and Latina America.


About Navegg (
Founded in 2008, Navegg is Latin America ́s largest data marketplace and the standard audience data player for publishers and advertisers. We generate actionable audience data on more than 150 million users and process more than 10 billion data events every month. By partnering with more than 100.000 sites, blogs, top tier portals, shopping comparison, eCommerce sites we extract each user ́s purchase intent, interest and user demographics.


Contact Smart AdServer:
Céline Poindron – – Tel. +33 1 53 57 79 69

Contact Navegg :
Camilia Silva – – Tel. +33 1 53 57 79 69