Publishers Have Big Dreams: Q&A with David Pironon, COO | Smart Publishers Have Big Dreams: Q&A with David Pironon, Sales & Ops Director, Smart AdServer

The day of ATS Paris has finally arrived and ahead of his participation in the panel discussion on the monetisation of programmatic, ExchangeWire speaks with David Pironon (pictured below), director of sales and operations, Smart AdServer, about publisher monetisation and the benefit of full-stack solutions.

ExchangeWire: What is the state of the digital industry, from the perspective of the publisher?

David Pironon: Digital publishers have always been under pressure from GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon); but it’s even more pronounced now that Facebook have begun to offer monetisation solutions. The Instant Articles’ promise to better monetise unsold inventory in mobile apps is enticing to publishers; but the ‘platformisation’ of content, and gravitation towards GAFA, only aids these big players in achieving their desire to create a closed advertising ecosystem.


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